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Sig: Reigning Purity
Grace looks up to the Heavens and pleads for light. The arena, regardless of how dark or dank, is filled with bright rays of light. Similar to Rain Dance and Sunny Day, Reigning Purity lasts for about 2-3 rounds (ref's choice), and affects how moves work. Impurities vanished and darkness flees while this effect is in place. However, neither Rain Dance nor Sunny Day will remove this effect (in other words you can have Sunny Day/Rain Dance and Reigning Purity in effect at the same time). Dark arenas will become bright as day while this effect is also in play.

Type: Normal | Accuracy: 90% | Damage: 0% | Effects: Ghost and Dark type attacks do less damage. Pokemon suffering from poison and/or negative mental effects will recover from them (Further attempts to do so will fail while duing the move's duration).