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This is the system I use when dealing with energy and fatigue.

Fatigue: n. 1. weariness, exhaustion.
Fatigue levels measure how tired a battler is.  If it reaches too high a point, the combatant can't carry on anymore and will pass out (and thus count as a KO).
Unlike damage, Fatigue measurement is mostly up to the ref.  Some don't show, other use a 0%-100% scale (100% being max Fatigue), while others use a 100%-0% "energy" scale (100% being max energy).
I prefer to use a descriptor.  I don't want things to be too focused on numbers, but I do want people to have an idea of how tired they are getting.
After almost a year of tweaking, I feel that my fatiugue system is too confusing for people.  Unlikes a percent-base system, people dont't have as clear an idea as to how much fatigue they are at.  I want fatigue to be a bit of an imprecise measurement, but at the same time I want people to know how much energy they have left.
Thus, my new "energy meter:"


Energy is equally distributed at through all six letters, each letter generally lasting a round or two (depending on the intesity of the attacks used).
Here are the stages a combatant will go through as their energy slowly drains. 
(corresponding with the numbers on the above picture:)
1.  High Energy:  Energy is at it's highest (obviously) and attacks will do more damage (up to 5% more), the combatant wil be faster in execution and movement,  more resistant to attacks that alter mental condition, and have a better attitude towards the battle.  Poison also is much weaker if the victim is at this level while poisoned.
2.  Moderate Energy:  The normal level of energy.  Attacks may deal slighty less or more damage at this level.  Commands are performed with decent speed and effectiveness.
3.  Low Energy:  The combatant will pass out in a few rounds.  Attacks will do less damage and will be performed with less speed and lower effectiveness than usually.  Confidence tends to be low at this point, as the combatant is tired of fighting and just wants some rest.
As for colors on the bar, red means the energy is depeleted.  You're past that stage now.  Bright Green is energy in reserve.  This energy left to burn.  The Darker green is the stage you are currently at.


History of Raz Fatigue:


1.0:  Went up too fast.  Over half of KOs I reffed were from fatigue.  I was quickly told to slow down the fatigue levels.


2.0:  Normal attacks would generate a lot less fatigue.  Attacks like agility, protect, and don't cause too much fatigue win used first, but will quickly burn up energy with frequent use.  Descriptors were off.  High Fatigue was around 60%, but people figured "high" would mean 70-90%.


3.0  Descriptors renamed.  Little Fatigue added.  Moderate now covers a greater fatigue range.


4.0 I felt that the early "green" levels as I call them were inaccurate.  People who are actually higher in fatigue than they thought may be misled.  This gave the moderate level a much larger range.  Combatants are supposed to spend a bulk of their time in the moderate level.  I felt that the "Dangerous" level was superflous and misleading.  I have now made the Danger level instead.  In the end, the upper levels and lower levels of fatigue are smaller, and fighters will stay in the moderate range longer and won't linger in the lower and upper levels.  Other changes:

-Fatigue is burned faster in the green and red levels.

-Attacks slightly more powerful when performed while "in the green."

-Attacks slightly weaker while "in the red."

-Poison now affects fatigue.

-Taking a break restores about 15% fatigue.

-Evolved fighters will get less fatigue doing the same move as a lesser-evolved fighter.  While evolved fighters shouldn't sweep a battle, I do feel they deserve some advantage.


5.0 Completely dumps the often unclear "Descriptor" system for a new Energy Meter. Now clearly shows how much energy a combatant has left and the energy "zones" which show how effectively one fights.  Cleaned up the damage bonuses and penalties for those in certain energy stages.  Poison and attacks that alter the mind now work better at lower energy levels and worse at the higher ones.


NEW 6.0  Energy is now equally distributed through all 6 letters (about 15% energy per letter).  Bonus damage and damage penalty has been reduced (to 1-3%, down drom 2-5%).  Resting gives back more energy.