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Eevee (M)
Signature Move: Weirding Reaction
Description: Being the result of genetic testing is no picnic, especially when one's DNA is unstable as a result. Poor little Strangelove has a habit of exploding because of his DNA, but it isn't very violent. Instead all pokemon in the explosion radius (a good 50 feet) are altered by science gone mad. The following charteristics of the affected pokemon may change:

Gender: May be male, female, or none.
Type: Any of the types (Water, Dragon, Steel, etc.)
Color: Colors may change (but only to one color, a pokemon of several colors or one color may change to orange, purple, etc, but they will never be striped or polka dot).

Note that these characteristics may not change at all, but all potential changes are given a fair chance of happening (for example, a grass type may stay a male, but it still has the same chance of being electric or flying as it does staying grass). Pokemon species that don't vary in certain characteristics can still change (Hitmonlee can become female, etc.) This effects are permanent until end of the match. Explosion may cause some tissue damage, but the farther away you are from ground zero, the less you risk taking.

Type: Unknown | Accuracy: 95% | Damage: 0-10% (depends on distance) | Effect: Randomly changes type, gender, and color of affected. Knocks out user.