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Gastly (M)
Mr. Boo
Signature Move: Call Spirit
Description: Mr. Boo is in it touch with the dead, and by harming his own team mates he can manipulate the suffering of others. Mr. Boo leeches the life force of one of his team mates(15%) whether it is a team mate out on the arena or the next pokemon I will send out after Mr. Boo is KO'd and turns it into a shade that is very similar to Mr. Boo. The shade will mimick all of Mr. Boo's attacks, but any damage it deals it reduced by 75%. Also, the shade cannot be given seperate commands and it cannot gain life. Pokemon also cannot be put to sleep or otherwise have their state of mind affected by the shade. The shade lasts until it is destroyed. Can only be used twice per match.

Type: Ghost | Accuracy: 95% | Effect: Deals 15% to either a team mate in play or the next pokemon to be used to create a shade. Cannot be used if no team mate is in play or if Mr. Boo is the last pokemon left on the team.