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Totodile (M)
El Guapo
Signature Move: Dragon's Bite
Description: El Guapo shoots a stream of water out of his mouth, causing several of his teeth to go along with it (this doesn't cause Guapo and harm since he only loses a few of his more decayed and old teeth and he'll soon grow more to replace them). The victim is hurt more by the teeth than anything else. But what really does the trick is the filthy water going inside the open wounds created by the teeth. The victim becomes sick and slowly loses energy over time (about 5-10%). The disease ends in three rounds (nine actions). Dragon's Bite can be used three times a match, with a nine-action gap between uses.

Type: Water | Accuracy: 90%
| Damage: 5% | Effect: Causes victim to lose about 5- 10% energy each round.