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Pidgeotto (M)
Nickname: Lt. Pidge
Signature Move: Colored Wings
Description: Lt. Pidge makes a plea with the sun to give him strength in battle and the sun answers by imbuing him with elemental strength. Pidge will choose what element he will wield in battle and for six actions his wings will be blessed with its power. This attack cannot be done at night or in places where the sun's rays are very far away. Note that mere obstacles in the sun's way (mainly trees or clouds) will not prevent the move from occuring since Pidge can quickly fly up to recieve the blessing. Also note that the sun is not required to be out to keep the blessing active. Once blessed, Pidge will have its benefits for the whole six actions. This move requires six actions before it can be activated again. Two time usage

Type: Normal | Accuracy: 90% | Damage: 0% | Effect: Lt. Pidge's Wing Attack maneuver changes its type to either: Fire, Ice, or Electric. Wing Attack does 5% more damage if it is Fire-type, slows the enemy movements by 25% if it is Ice-type, and carries a 25% chance of moderate paralysis in the victim if Electric.