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Species: Golbat (Male)
Nickname: The Count
Signature Move: Vampiric Thoughts
Description: The Count bites the head (or whatever carries the brain) and begins to feed off the opponent's thoughts. Differents thoughts and emotions affect The Count in different ways:

-Fear: Increases speed for three rounds.
-Happiness: Regains 15% HP.
-Anger: Increases damage for three rounds.
-Lethargy: Reduces all damage (from attacks) by 10% for two rounds.
-Arrogance: Regains 25% energy.
-Sadness: Clears all negative mental effects.
-Courage: Clears all negative physical effects.
-None of the above: Recovers 5% HP and 10% energy.

The effect has a three turn gap between uses.

Type: Dark | Accuracy: 90% | Damage: 10% | Effect: Listed above.