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Portait Courtesy of Pants Master

Trogdor the Burninator
Signature Move: Burninate
Description: Trogdor spews a mighty flame, which "burninates" his target (and anything that is near the target, though to a very low degree). Anything Burninated takes 6%, 8%, or 10% (Weakness taking 10%, Resistance taking 6%) damage a round and doing any action will create a moderate amount of extra fatigue. The damage per round lowers by 2% each round (for example, the first round they take 8%, then 4% the next round, and so until 0%). Victims recover from burninate at the beginning of the round that they will take 0% damage from (thus, if they took 2% damage at the end of the last round, they will recover from burninate at the start of the following round). Burninate requires a three round gap to use, and it only does its intial damage on thos who are already burninated. Burninate does 75% damage to peasents or 100% if they are living in the countryside.  Can only be used twice per match.

Type: Fire | Accuracy: 90% | Damage: 5% | Effects: Deals damage over the next few rounds and creates more fatigue for the victim during those rounds.