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Porttait Courtesy of Iveechan

Ampharos (M)
Signature Move: Electroshock Therapy
Quabog sticks a few of his fine hairs into the opponent (be it though a punch or other very light physical contact). For the next 3-4 rounds, the Victim is under "Therapy." They take 2% electric damage each action (6% a round). When the electric damage occurs, there is a 10% chance the victim's muscles or processes that control their body will be impended by the electric shock, making them unable to accomplish whatever they were trying to do at the moment. Weaknesses, resistances, and immunities are still taken into account. This attack can only be done every three rounds AFTER the effect ends (not since the attack was initally used). If a victim has this attack done to them a second time, the damage is only 1% per action (3% per round) and the chance of attack failure is reduced to 5%. The chance for paralysis caused by Therapy does not stack with other forms of paralysis. Therapy's chance for paralysis will be temporarily canceled if a stronger paralysis is applied to the victim. Therapy's chance for paralysis will resume once the stronger paralysis ends.

Type: Electric | Accuracy: 90% | Damage: 0%-3% (depends on what Quabog does to put the hairs on opponent) | Effect: 6% damage at the end of each round, with a 10% chance of each attack failing. If this the second time the victim has been affected by this move, it only takes 3% damage each round, with a 5% chance attacks will fail.