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Name: Misdreavus
Nickname: Silas
Signature Move: Sayance
Description: In tune with the spirts, Silas makes a connection with a recently fallen combatant, be they friend or foe. The spirit binds with Silas, which has several effects. First, her body take the shape of the body of the spirit, causing her to look like a black sillhouette of the spirit's body (she still weighs the same and can still fly). The support offered by this spirit gives a slight boost to Silas's combat skills and defenses (about 5%). Furthermore, Silas can use any move the spirit knows provided that the move is A) A sig move B) A ghost type move B) A normal type move or C) A move that matches the type of spirit (for example, Silas can use flamethrower or Fly if she has called on a Charizard, but not earthquake or Fury Cutter). Silas can also use her regular moves as well. This effects lasts for three rounds, which then the connection is lost and Silas returns to her normal form and can only be used once per match

Type: Ghost | Accuracy: 90% | Damage: 0% | Effects: Silas gains certain moves of a pokemon that has been KO'd in the current battle (whether it was an ally or enemy pokemon). Gains a 5% offensive and defensive boost and can use certain moves that pokemon knows in addition to her own.

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