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I strictly follow the Official Attack List for the majority of attacks when I ref.  This guide should not be taken too strictly, but only used to get an idea of how I ref the more vague attacks.  I also list attacks where I don't follow the Attack List.  I try to explain why I don't follow the list there as well.
Make it easier on yourself:  Use CTRL + F to find attacks quicker.

Rest:  The user falls asleep and recovers about 1/4 of their HP at once.  Then the user regains about 10% health an action for three rounds.  All status effects are removed as well.  Nothing can awaken the user.
Sleep Talk/Metronome:  I pull up a list off all the attack listed with numbers and then generate a random number.  I look at which attack has that number, and that's the attack you use.  Same with Sleep Talk, only I have to make the list of all the user's moves myself.  I will include sig moves only if you have listedt hem in the match somewhere.  So if you would like a sig ove to be included in the randomizer, please list the description of it below your attacks.
Double Team:  I randomly pick a number from 2-5.  The user creates that many fake images.  Images are an exact copy of the user when the user initally used the attack.  Images wil not change if the user's apperance changes later on.  Images are no independent entities and only mimick what the user is doing.  Images have 1% HP.
Rain Dance/Sunny Day/Sandstorm:  All three have a duration of three rounds.  Rain Dance and Sunny Day will replace one if the other is used, but you can have it Rain with a Sandstorm or Sun with Sandstorm.
Rain hurts fire moves and projectiles that aren't very dense (like mud, sand, etc.).  If the wind is fierce, types weak to water may take minor damage each round.
Sun makes fire attacks quicker and easier to use and makes Water attacks slower and require more energy to use.  Hurts ice attacks.
Sand will deal minor damage to all combatants with a weak exterior covering.  Reduces vision of all combatants except rock, ground, and steel types.
Substitute:  Substitute cannot be accurately measured.  If you want to use it,  name a size catergory.  Small is about 1-5%, medium is 5-15%, and large is 15-25%.  I use random number generators to determine the size and HP required to make it (if you make a medium size, you'll use 5-15%, for example).  A substitute can cost no more than Hit Points than double the HP of the subsititute itself.  For example, a medium sub that is 5% HP will 10% hitpoints at the most.
Dig:  Intially digging into the ground takes one action.  All combatants can dig if they have the proper appendages.  Those who learn the attack dig faster and don't spend an action coming out of the ground.  They can also dig into harder surfaces.  Those who don't learn the attack do it slower and require an action to come out of the ground.  They may not be able to dig into as many surfaces.
Signature Moves:  All signature (sig) moves must have their full text posted when they are used EVERY TIME they are used.   Sig moves that are not the EXACT text of the approved sig or unapproved completely will result in a DQ.  Note that I am not too picky about exact wording, but you know if you have lied about your sig.  Don't do it.  Do not forget that all sig moves require at less a three action wait between uses (though many sigs may have different limits).
Psychic:  Psychic is very strong, but the target of it can fight it and get out of it within a little time.  Psychic-types will much better at this move than non-psychics and thus will be able to keep control for a much longer time.  A victim of psychic can spend an action to just fighting psychic.  This will normally free them very quickly.
Recover:  Heal about half of the user's HP, but drains two letters of energy.
Agility:  User's speed increase. Lasts two actions.  The speed of user slowly falls as the two rounds go on.  After three actions, they only be half as fast as they were before.
Roar:  Victim suffers severe loss in self-confidence.  How effective this attack is depends on the size and evolution stage difference of the user and the victim, as well as the mental and physical condition of the user and victim.
Hyper Beam:  Trainer may say how long to charge.  Charging does not consume further actions, but lowers accuracy while increasing energy cost and damage.  At full charge, does about 30% damage and costs about two letters of energy.
Explosion/Self Destruct:  Can do up to 50% damage.  Cannot be used by the last combatant a trainer has.  Does more damage at the center of the explosion, and less one goes away from the center.  Damage lowers as the HP of the user goes down.
Horn Drill, Fissure, Guillotine:  These attacks can break damage caps by up to 10% if they hit.  Very slow and easy to avoid.  Some of these attacks may do a little bit of damage even if they fail.  Do 30% damage.
Future Sight:  This attack creates a Moderate Damage (10%) attack that will go off in the future.  Since the user is forseeing the attack, Future Sight will never miss and will always hit the victim when defenses are at a minimum.  Future Sight will still hit even if the user or the current target is KO'd.  Future Sight always does 10% damage, regardless of type, evolution stage, fatigue levels, or other factors.  The future is not a stable thing, and thus you can only have one Future Sight "prediction" at a time.  All Future Sights done after that will fail until the original Future Sight deals it damage.
Leech Seed:  This attack will drain HP for about three rounds.  After that it returns to the user who consumes it and gains HP equal to the HP drained.  Drains more if the victim is weak to grass.  Less if the victim is resistant.
Bide:  The user must wait three actions, two to absorb and one to unleash.  The trainer can tell the user to absorb for only one round or they can make the user absorb for more than 2.  Damage caps can be broken if Bide is carried into other rounds.  If a user absorbs damage for two rounds (six actions), their damage cap is upped to 80% (from 50%).  If is held for three rounds (nine actions), the damage cap is upped to 100% (in other words, there is no damage cap for that round).  Once ready, the user will unleash the abosrbed energy in the form of an orb of energy.  The type of the orb is unknown and the damage is equal to or greater than the damage the user absorbed.  If the user is caught off guard by an attack, they will absorb less damage and risk failing the bide (they will try to start absorbing again if this happens).  But the user is very focused and it is hard to do such a thing.  Once Bide goes off, it is nearly impossible to avoid taking damage, though effects like Protect can still prevent a decent amount of Bide's damage.
Perish Song:  The user will sing a song that is heard by all.  The song is loud and piercing and NO combatant can avoid hearing it.  At the end of every round (not every three actions, but the round itself), the user will sing another verse from the song.  Nine actions after the song was started, all that heard the song (including the user) will take damage equal to their remaining HP.  Nothing can prevent this damage and no effects can redirect or otherwise manipulate this damage.  Combatants who did not hear the intial opening of the song will NOT take any damage from Perish Song.  And if the user is KO'd before the song is finish, no Perish Song damage is dealt either. Perish Song is not just just singing (what causes the fatal pain is unknown) and thus the loss of the user's voice will not stop the damage from coming (but the user must be in the vicinity of the area, so if a victim of Perish song is a reasonable distance away from the user, they will not take the damage).
Pain Split:  The user will create a link with all combatants in the arena (both friend and foe, any new combatants that enter the arena aren't affected).  At the end of each round, all combatants that are linked will lose or gain HP until they meet the target point.  The target point is halfway between the lowest HP amongst the combatants and the highest HP among the combatants.  So if four pokemon are in play:
One has 56% HP
One has 30% HP
One has 100% HP
One has 67% HP.
Target HP is 65% (round up).
Pokemon stop gaining or losing HP if they are at the target point (if all pokemon are at the target point, the link is broken) and the most HP that can be gained or lost each turn is 10%.  Using the previous example:
The first combatant gains 9% HP (now at 65%, the target)
The second gains 10% (maximum HP gain is 10%)
The third loses 10% (max HP is 10%)
The fourth loses 2% (now at 65%, the target)
The target HP may or may not change each round (in this case, it will still be 65%).
This effect happens after other effects have altered HP (and after all pokemon are KO'd).  No effects can prevent or otherwise maniuplate the loss or gain of this HP.  This effect ends if all linked combatants either:  all reach the target HP in the same round, enough linked combatants are KO'd so that only 1 or less linked combatants remain in the arena, a move or sig move that clears such effects is used, or five rounds have passed.
Safeguard:  The user creates an enchantment of unknown origin to protect it from status effects.  The enchantment lasts for 3 rounds (nine actions) and protects the user from any outside source that causes the following:
-Being Frozen
-Unnatural Emotions (for example, anger due to Swagger or fear from Roar)
-Vision/Hearing damage
-Any effect similar to the above that is done by signature moves.
Note that emotions is only as a direct effect of an attack.  If the user of Safeguard is enraged because the opponent did a lot of damage to it, then they will still be enraged.  But if the opponent does swagger, their mood will be unchanged.  Safeguard is invisible and has no no effect besides those listed above.  Safeguard takes a little bit to set up.  It cannot instantly be flared up in response to an attacks.  So if poison is already flying through the air at you, chances are Safeguard will go up AFTER it hits.  Finally, Safeguard does not remove any existing conditions.