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Sig Name: Hypercharge
Description: Leeka stops attacking for a few moments to conserve her energy, which she will use next round, giving her an incredible amount of energy to use. This burst of energy will allow her to do much than what she'd normally be able to do in one round. Conserving energy does take some time to do, and if Leeka is disturbed while doing this move there is a good chance it will result in no effect.  The chances of this conservation succeeding increases if she performs this move toward the end of the round, and she also cannot do this move the round in which she has the energy burst. Such a burst of energy can wear out a pokemon, therefore Leeka will gain a lot more fatigue than normal during her energized round.

Type: Normal | Accuracy: 50% if its her first action of the round, 70% if its her second, 90% if its her last action | Damage: 0% | Effect: Leeka can perform four attacks in the following round (this move can't be done during that round). Her fatigue increases faster than normal. Can only be used three times in one match.

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