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(Last Update: 10-5-03)
-Welcome to the site!  I'm in the middle of massive changes to the site, so check below for stuff that is under repair and stuff that is ready to read.
-Completed:  Damage, Energy, Confidence, Attack Database, Misc
-Up Next:  My Team, FAQ
-Adding art of my team.  Quabog  and Trog Dor have now been imortalized thanks to Iveechan and Pants Master.  Check out the request thread in FanArt if you are interesting in doing art of my team.  I'll be posting requests on occasions.  I also try to list the links of the homepages of all who do art for me.


Matches Raz is Participating in
Matches Currently Fighting in: 3/3
Matches Currently Reffing:  3/4